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Jan 2, 2022 - Jan 6, 2022

4 Day Liver Detox

  • 5Days


Give your body's largest internal organ a rest and reset with this 4 day detox. Our liver is responsible for filtering all our blood and detoxing every substance, food, toxin, medication, etc. that goes into our body, including what we put on our skin and what we breathe in. That's a 24 hour job! Most of us continually throw more and more at our liver leading to downstream problems like hormone imbalances, weight gain, problems detoxing substances like fat, caffeine, medications, and alcohol, and even fatty liver disease. Included in this program you will have: -Access to a 4 day menu -Supplement recommendations to get the most out of this detox -Group support and daily Lives in the Facebook group to gain a better understanding about this organ and answer any questions you may have -BONUSES: A Liver Massage video -Daily Breathwork Practice to further enhance the body's detoxification capability.

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