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What can a Holistic Health Practitioner do for you?

I use empathy and education to bring you real resolution

     As a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, I use the principles of Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition to help guide you to your body’s highest healing potential. These principles include looking at the whole person not just their signs, symptoms, or disease. The foundational belief I practice upon is that healthcare should be person-centered care, not disease-centered care. You are so much more than your labs, symptoms, or disease state. In taking this approach we can address real root causes resolution, not just put a band-aid on your health concerns with another pill or protocol.

      By understanding the body’s various systems and their interconnectedness, I help you begin to understand your own body and what is going on within it that may be causing your symptoms. Whether it’s diabetes, hormone imbalances, extra weight gain, or whatever it may be, the root of the issue lies within. You hold the answers and the key to living a healthier life.  Let me show you what beautiful healing potential your body holds when given what it needs.

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My Story

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Hi! I’m Sarrah, a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, out of Northeastern Nevada. I help people overcome their health struggles from a holistic standpoint. I am not the leader of your healthcare journey but a guide. A guide that shows you that YOU are the true leader of your health and your life. I educate people on their bodies and how their lifestyle and environment can impact their health, along with the powerful teachings of breathwork. I like to think of it as a science-based practice covered in empathy and compassion.

For me, this journey really began when I was 15 years old. At this age I experienced my first excruciating stomachache and would go on to experience attacks like these regularly over the next three years. I visited the ER due to pain often. Pain that the ER Drs. and my pediatrician alike summed up to acid reflux, it was all in my head, or I was doing this for attention. I felt alone, isolated, and frustrated. It was crushing as a young girl feeling like the people who were supposed to help me were against me.  I knew what I was experiencing was very real and something more. Finally, one fateful day when I was 18 and experiencing an attack my mom drove me to a new hospital. They quickly admitted me and did an ultrasound to find 7 large gallstones. Just like that, what I had suffered through for years had an answer. No other Dr. thought to look. I was too young for gallstones, right? Going through that experience left me with PTSD, anxiety, and a lot of questions surrounding how and why western medicine had failed me for so long.

 Over the years books, articles, and webinars about holistic healing became a hobby for me. This little spark of an idea started to burn. That I actually had power over my own health. Not some outside source. Not some Dr. Me. As this idea grew my passion grew. I knew, stronger than anything else in the world, that if I could help someone from feeling those powerless, isolated, frustrated, alone feelings that I experienced then that is what I wanted to do. I wanted to show people, educate people, on their own bodies and voices. I wanted to bring the beautiful science that is our body, to the whole unique story we each possess.

So here I am! A certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner, and Breathing Coach.  Together we build a partnership.  We address the issues you are currently facing and how implementing certain diet and lifestyle factors along with breathwork can make a positive impact towards healing. If you are seeing another healthcare professional, we can work together to bring you the best possible care of you as a whole, not just a symptom or disease.

Have you ever felt frustrated leaving a doctors appointment? Have you ever had the desire to do more for yourself, for your health? Have you had a health issue you’ve struggled with for so long but are not ready to accept “this is just the way it is”? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you are my people. It is my passion and my joy to be of service to you. To show you what your body is capable of when given what it needs.

I would love to get to know you more! Connect with me by clicking on the CONNECT BUTTON and choosing an option that best suites you. There is hope. I have hope for you, and I am so excited about sharing that hope with you.

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Megan F.

Sarrah is knowledgeable and has a passion for health. She is extremely thorough and I can tell she takes time to analyze all of my information and symptoms to make the best plan for my wellness journey. She always makes me feel comfortable talking about things that aren't always fun to share. I'm beyond blessed for Sarrah and her patience and guidance. I love that she practices what she preaches and can speak from experience when recommending different supplements, food, and exercises. If you've been struggling with your health, Shine Wellness is definitely worth a consult. Thank you Sarrah!

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