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  Welcome to Shine Wellness! I’m so happy you are here. My passion is to help guide people to healing. I believe we all have an innate healing capability. My goal is to empower you with the tools you need to unlock your body’s natural healing abilities in order to release excess weight, balance your hormones, improve energy, and decrease inflammation. Are you ready to get started?

Welcome to a healthier you!

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Overweight, abusing food and alcohol, sick, tired, and experiencing anxiety almost all the time.


45+ pounds lost, experiencing energy, improved moods, sleep, stepping into my potential using food and lifestyle modifications to heal.

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By divine intervention I discovered a book about using food as medicine and it completely changed my life. I redesigned my diet and lifestyle and I experienced relief and progress like I never had with any medication. I lost 45+lbs, my anxiety became less, and I felt hopeful again! This beautiful transformation led me to discover my passion. To be of service to others. To empower women just like you. It’s time we reclaim responsibility for our health. YOU are the hero of your story.

 Hi, I’m Sarrah, a Holistic Health Practitioner, Functional Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Breath Work Coach. You may have ended up here because you are a lot like I once was; overweight, over-tired, undernourished, borderline hopeless, and frustrated with the answers you have received so far regarding your health.

I have had my share of those feelings.  I’ve dealt with undiagnosed gallstones (for 3 years!), an undiagnosed benign heart condition, PTSD and anxiety. I turned to food and alcohol to cope. I was so tired and as much as I’d felt I had fought for myself, I wasn’t getting anywhere. The weight kept coming and the anxiety and panic attacks were almost crippling. The modern medical system had failed me too many times and as much as I felt like I needed saving, I knew there had to be another way.

The Soul Behind Shine Wellness

My Story

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What Client's Have to Say

Katy H.

"Working with Sarrah has been a blessing to me! When I came to Sarrah I was so frustrated with traditional doctors who only wanted to cover up my symptoms & never get to the root of the problem. Or simple tell me that I was just a tired mom! Sarrah was able to shine a light into what my actual hormonal issues were and how what I was feeling was a result of poor diet and vitamin deficiencies that were causing my body to have the issues I was having! She has listened so well to me and validated a lot of what I was thinking and feeling. She has been a gracious guide to finding the right supplements and foods along with breathing exercises that have now helped my body to thrive! I have told all my friends & family about her and hope others can reach out to her and the help they need. Sarrah is a true blessing to me and I am so thankful! 


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